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Beautiful Bodies

Acrylic Canvas Paintings

In my series, Beautiful Bodies, I paint skeletons with hearts offering loving expressions of heartfelt connection. They act as reminders to "be in your body and see with your heart."

They are part of the artistic tradition of “Memento Mori,” or macabre celebrations of life and death. You can find examples of this iconography from the earliest neolithic creations through to our modern art history.

Beautiful Bodies reminds the viewer that the heart is there to guide the way and that the skeleton is a teacher of empathic wisdom. Exploring the body as a landscape for nurturing relationship was inspired by my training in holistic healing and earth-based spirituality. Creating art allows me to access, process and share my experience of these subtle forms of communion.

In my compositions I primarily use layers of black, thin washes of color, a variety of dots and lines combined with minimal gestures of realism. My approach to color comes from my personal experience of its psychoactive influence as a way to promote grounding, heart opening and ecstatic connection. For example, in my color palate, black references fertility, whitesymbolizes eternity and red radiates life force energy.

In these paintings I create affirmations of psychic wholeness, joy in life and the act of falling in love with your body. I believe celebrating embodied spiritual experience supports people in finding their inner powers and grounding their lives.

Commission Paintings

If there is a painting below that you want remade or have me create something similar with your input for your home or business, please submit a proposal form.

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