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Portraits of Rivers is an offering of gratitude to the rivers of the world. This body of work celebrates our ecological systems as an interconnected whole and reminds that our physical, psychological and spiritual bodies are embedded in relationship to the natural world.  The rivers are depicted like tuning forks echoing across the surface of the Earth.

A life long fascination with rivers crystallized for me when I moved to New Orleans in 2007 and got to feel what it was like to live with the Mississippi River as my neighbor.  I began this series as my MFA project, Rivers, at the California Institute of Integral Studies from which I graduated in 2012.

Through these paintings I explore my fascination with journeying through a landscape as an act of self-inquiry, like going on a vision quest or pilgrimage to a sacred site.   Responding to landscape as an artistic practice facilitates a meditation on the way water flows through the world and through myself.

Please visit my Videos page to see a short film I made called River Ritual which is a collaboration of visual, lyrical and sonic meditations on the roots of this project.

Commission Paintings

If there is a painting below that you want remade or have me create something similar with your input for your home or business, please submit a proposal form.


I love Jenelle's work. It inspires me!

Jenelle is a witch with the paint brush!

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