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As a child I never liked drawing hands.

Getting the articulations of the fingers right intimidated me to the point of avoiding drawing people completely.
In 4th grade I had an assignment which involved drawing an image of a woman on a piece of poster board.  My dad offered to help me out by showing me how to create a picture of a lady with her hands behind her back.
I was blown away to realized I could work around what seemed like an unconquerable challenge simply by creating a composition what didn’t require showing the subjects hands.

This experience helped me to realize a deeper understanding of the problem solving aspect of creating art.  Years later one of my favorite parts of my creative process is the time I spend thinking about how to use the space I have to express what I need to clearly.  Sometimes my intention is to push myself past my perceived limitation (I now totally enjoy painting hands) or simply to figure out a way to work around what I feel like I cannot do by twisting what is within my comfort zone in a new way.  

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