Body Poem – Beautiful

This week's Body Poem mini-retreat focuses on the color Gold and the quality Beautiful.

Deep Listening: a tuning fork meditation with an image of the associated color.


Just listen, breathe, and let the sound and color tune you.

The tuning fork tones used are C - E - B


  • use long and slow tones to vocalize the word "Beautiful".
  • visualize the color Gold filling your energy field


Color: my thoughts on its healing properties



The warmth and glitter of gold enlivens my spirit. I often use it in artwork to bring a composition together as a little shimmer and shine can create a lovely kind of harmony. Gold is a highly decorative metal having been used in jewelry and other adornments across time and cultures. It has been an object of manic desire and is often woven into the iconography of devotion.

Word: a contemplation on the mystical energy it inspires



My favorite question to ask people is “What do you find beautiful?” I associate beauty with being able to access feelings of wholeness and joy in the moment. It’s in the shimmer of a sunset on the surface of water or the deep belly laugh of a great joke. For me, connecting to something beautiful imbues a sense of safety in myself. Learning to create healthy boundaries in my life has helped beautiful qualities to grow and thrive in my world, in my body, and in my heart.

Sounding: a chant, tone, or simple song related to the poetic theme of the week.

Feel free to follow along with my voice or go on your own improvisational journey - harmonize, be rhythmic, play - simply take the time to be in your voice.

Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha

This is the Tibetan translation of a Sanskrit mantra to Green Tara.
This mantra is used as a prayer for peace and empowerment.

The melody and composition of this mantra come to me from my guitar teacher and ritual songstress Jennifer Berezan.

Here is a link with more info on Tara:

For a deep dive into the meaning of the mantra try this:




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