Body Poem – Grounded

This week's Body Poem mini retreat focuses on the color Ocher Red and the quality Grounded.

Deep Listening: a tuning fork meditation with an image of the associated color.


Just listen, breathe, and let the sound and color tune you.

The tuning fork tones used are C - G - A


  • use long and slow tones to vocalize the word "Grounded"
  • visualize the color Ocher Red filling your energy field


Color: my thoughts on its healing properties


Red Ochre

I've seen Red Ochre on relics of ritual culture dating back to the neolithic. For me it creates a bridge between the brown hues of the soil and the blood of our bodies, connecting my being to our great mother planet.

Embedding myself into a relationship with the natural world doesn't stop the chaos that life can bring but it helps me to be more aware of my options, make clearer choices, set healthy boundaries, and move ever onward towards my goals and desires. Red Ochre is my power color for affirming and celebrating the ever-present dance with life that supports my journey.

Word: a contemplation on the mystical energy it inspires



I experience being grounded as both feeling attuned with the natural world around me and aware of my inner world. This peaceful state helps me clearly experience the subtle relationship that the natural world offers. A state of feeling grounded helps me navigate my connection to life and community in a more conscientious and relational way.

Sound: a chant, tone, or simple song related to the poetic theme of the week.

Feel free to follow along with my voice or go on your own improvisational journey - harmonize, be rhythmic, play - simply take the time to be in your voice.

"Ah" is a simple and grounding chant. It allows us to open and relax our jaw, settle into the long and slow tone, and bathe ourselves in a soothing vibration.


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  1. Sariyah Idan on March 5, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    I love this idea of Red Ochre as the bridge between earth & body. And grounded as a tuned to the natural & inner world….. Tuning forks and I had a perfect length meditation 🙂

    • admin on March 6, 2021 at 2:06 am

      That is a lovely reflection. Thank you for letting me know 🙂

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