Body Poem – Natural

This week's Body Poem mini-retreat focuses on the color Red Orange and the quality Natural.

Deep Listening: a tuning fork meditation with an image of the associated color.


Just listen, breathe, and let the sound and color tune you.

The tuning fork tones used are C - F - B


  • use long and slow tones to vocalize the word "Natural"
  • visualize the color Red-Orange filling your energy field

Color: my thoughts on its healing properties


Red Orange

Red orange is a really rich color that has a warmth I find very fulfilling.  For me it is luscious like a thick drop of honey. Red orange also feels regal and proud and seems to resonate with the joy of its own presence.

Word: a contemplation on the mystical energy it inspires



The quality of feeling natural connects me to a sense of ease and flow in my body.  Every step a dance, every word a song.  Natural breaths help our body to relax and our minds to ease its chatter.  In the natural world everything grows, responds to the weather,  eats from the teeming overabundance of life, and passes time in relation to all things.

Sound: a chant, tone, or simple song related to the poetic theme of the week.

Feel free to follow along with my voice or go on your own improvisational journey - harmonize, be rhythmic, play - simply take the time to be in your voice.


"Ma" is another simple and nurturing mantra which we will sing as a long, slow tone.  Make sure to give as much time to the "Mmmmm" as you do to the "Aaaaa" as a way to get your whole system vibrating.


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