Body Poem – Patient

This week's Body Poem mini-retreat focuses on the color Yellow and the quality Patient.

Deep Listening: a tuning fork meditation with an image of the associated color.


Just listen, breathe, and let the sound and color tune you.

The tuning fork tones used are C - D - B


  • use long and slow tones to vocalize the word "Patient"
  • visualize the color Yellow filling your energy field

Color: my thoughts on its healing properties



Yellow is the attention seeker of the color spectrum as it will most quickly draw the eye. Rooms painted in the brightness of yellow are said to inspire conversation and an atmosphere of interconnection. More often than not nature flirts in yellow, using this hue to the draw attention of pollinators to their petals. Yellow asks us to look, to get intimate, to listen more deeply, and ultimately to love.

Word: a contemplation on the mystical energy it inspires



Being patient is one of my power tools. I’m someone who takes in a lot of sensitive sensory information. It’s often overwhelming and can make my options seem unclear. I’ve learned that my choices become clearer if I am patient with myself and take some time to process what I am feeling. That confusion dissipates as my breath relaxes, as I focus on the form of my body, and as I engage my critical mind to see what is actually happening around me and not what I fear may happen.

Sound: a chant, tone, or simple song related to the poetic theme of the week.

Feel free to follow along with my voice or go on your own improvisational journey - harmonize, be rhythmic, play - simply take the time to be in your voice.


We all come from the Goddess
And to her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean

This lovely chant originated from Z Budapest, one of my spiritual teachers.


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