This week's Body Poem mini-retreat focuses on the color Silver and the quality Peaceful.

Deep Listening: a tuning fork meditation with an image of the associated color.


Just listen, breathe, and let the sound and color tune you.

The tuning fork tones used are C - A - B


  • use long and slow tones to vocalize the word "Peaceful"
  • visualize the color Silver filling your energy field

Color: my thoughts on its healing properties



A shimmer of moonlight on the dark ripple of nighttime waters is an evocative way to meet the color silver. The otherworldly delight of silver brings pure joy to my heart. Eating with the “good silver” utensils or adorning the body in silver jewelry are ways to bring the elegance and blessing of silver into our daily lives.

Word: a contemplation on the mystical energy it inspires



I associate a practice of calm listening as one way to achieve feeling peaceful. When the goal is creating peaceful community this simple state of communion can open us to more engaged relationships and further an awareness of gratitude between people. Setting clear boundaries and being diplomatic within our relationships can help everyone to live peacefully.

Sound: a chant, tone, or simple song related to the poetic theme of the week.

Feel free to follow along with my voice or go on your own improvisational journey - harmonize, be rhythmic, play - simply take the time to be in your voice.


I pray to the moon
I pray to the moon

This is another chant I created. Its a celebration of the joy I feel when I see the beauty of the moon shining in the night sky. I offer this chant as a way to celebrate the innate beauty we all have available when we are in tune with our heart.


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