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I believe we are all on a vibrational journey and, like a fine instrument, we are in constant need of retuning.  Art—color, form, sound, texture, movement, etc.,—shifts emotional and psychic energy, builds relationship, allows transformation, and provides other magical and healing benefits.  In service to this ideal, I am offering art in the form of a series of mini-retreats that anyone can use for self-care.

Using my digital painting Body Poem as the framework, each week I'll make one post with 4 prompts:

  • a deep listening option with a soothing tuning fork suite
  • my thoughts on the healing property of each color
  • another paragraph about the mystical sentiment of each word
  • an opportunity to open your voice and ground the energy of the retreat with a simple tone or chant.

Body Poem

body poem


Body Poem is a picture-poem about the healing power of color.  In it one of my Beautiful Bodies, a skeleton with a heart, stands showing a series of energy centers radiating with a rainbow of colors surrounded by jewel and earth tones.  It embodies a subtle process for feeling grounded in your body, building inner wholeness, and harmonizing your nervous system to the creative flow.

Below is a list of available Body Poem mini-retreats.  This page can be bookmarked to access an up-to-date overview of my project.

Another way to stay updated on the Body Poem mini-retreats is to join my mailing list.  I will send out a message every week with a recap of the content I have posted.

It is my hope that this exploration of Body Poem will be a nourishing influence and help those who participate in it to be in their body and see with their heart.

For more information on engaging with the mini-retreats and a deeper look into my creative process please check this FAQ page.

Links to available Body Poem mini-retreats:

(click each word below to access the retreat material)











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