Exercising creativity

Exercising creativity

1.  Grounding – The structure of my creative routines assist me in engaging with my feelings.  It takes time to climb up and down the ladder of my psyche.  Having a routine helps me to find my way to the core of my work and back again.

2.  Voice – Creating is a way to express things I find to be beyond language.  One byproduct of artwork is its ability to communicate a presence of the fabric of interconnection that binds us all together.

3.  Mirror – A divinatory statement of my energy at any given moment is woven into my creative output.  Like a tarot card I pull from my heart, the surprises of creation gives me an opportunity to engage with my inner oracle.  Making art is one of the tools I use to reflect on where my feelings are at when I need a light in the mist.

4.  Transmission – Creativity is a way to tell my story with those who have the ears to hear it.  I also think of the pieces I make as talismans which anchor beautiful energy so that I can share it with my friends. 

5.  Experiment – Creation is a science.  Some mistakes lead to breakthroughs and some lead to more experiments.  Both are sustained through community, perseverance and funding.

6.  Offering – A healing state of mind is affirmed through the creative process. – In my gratitude for this I include an element of that energy in my work as a gift for others.

7.  Meditation – The creative trance has restorative properties for the heart.  Passing time reveling in the momentary rush of artistic impulse teaches us to trust our wilder ways.

8.  Awareness – Art making creates embodied statements of our earthly and cosmic relationships.  When we pass our influences through the filter of our processing we learn to see more clearly what thoughts we are thinking with.

9.  Perspective – Creating containers can help us view our complexity.  It can be delightfully surprising to experience the depth that can be extracted from surface ripples.

10.  Celebration – The opportunity to form communities arise within the shared experience of witnessing a creative act.  We come together and leave changed by what can only be known by others who have wander the same labyrinths.

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