Goddess Abstraction: Gaia

Goddess Abstraction: Gaia

Gaia, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 12″ x 24″, 2015
Gaia detail
Gaia detail

As these paintings are more musings on various Goddesses that detailed representations I don’t feel drawn to write up an explanation of her story, but you can go here to read a bit about her.

I wanted to share some kind of text so I thought I would share a prayer I wrote in 2014, as I make reference to Gaia in it, which was printed as part of the New Orleans Radical Healers zine:

A Radical Healing Prayer
Holy Mother,
I pray for the gifts of a radical healer.
Bless me with compassionate wisdom so that I may serve with healing magic.
Help me live wildly with nuturant joy and ecstatic bliss.
Keep my heart full so I can offer its sweet nectar to others who have run dry.
Help me remember that we are all part of a living cosmos.
Keep me aware that my body is intimately linked to Gaia, our mother Earth.
Help me unwind, rest and celebrate the beauty that daily comes my way.
Keep my vision open to the guidance that comes in dreams and is whispered on the wind.
Help me through my mundane activities to live my life as a prayer.
May my daily dance be in communion with your fiercely gentle heart.
May my speech be a song sung in harmony.
May my passions be my guides and my fears and angers my guardians.
May love, pleasure, joy and sex be my tools of worship as you awaken me to my own divinity.
May my life’s work support the transformation of our planet into a palace of peace.
May I be cleansed of resistance to shining my light and following my internal star.
May I gratefully receive support from my fellow angels on Earth and the subtle realms.
May I be at home in my bones so I can hear the wisdom of my body.
May I be strong enough to give my being what it needs to be healthy.
May I trust you are bigger than my worries and that your love can carry me through any struggle.
May I radiate with eternal gratitude for the blessing of my life.
Thank you. 

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