Holistic Health Spotlight: Sound Healing

Holistic Health Spotlight: Sound Healing

People often think of sound healing as being limited to playing some kind of magic song to wipe away all stress and worry.  While people do make music designed to create a healing space, I think of sound healing as bringing sound consciously into your life to create a stronger energy of flow, ease and bliss.

The intimate vibrations and layers of micro tones that come out of an open voice soothes our nervous system in ways which open our innate healing powers.  Sound can be a diagnostic tool, a grounding influence and a gateway into embodying the present moment.

My holistically health spotlight this week will be the following list of sound healing practices that I use with some kind of regularity:

1) Listening meditation – (to ground and center)
Listen to the sounds in front of you.
Listen to the sounds behind you.
Listen to the sounds to your right.
Listen to the sounds to your left.
Listen all around.

2) Humming – (calming)
A deep quiet hum helps me ground into my body and refocus when my energy gets scattered or too distracted.

3) Screaming – (energy release)
Either alone or with a supportive friend, letting out a scream can release built up stress and tension.

4) Ah – (heart opening)
Taking deep breaths and letting out a long, slow tone of Aaaahhhhhh relaxes the jaw, opens the heart and can bring us gently back onto ourself.

5) Laughter – (joy)
A laugh is a celebration and a release for the nervous system.  Give yourself a giggle treat when you need a pick-me-up or just because!


To hear more about sound and the role it plays in our lives check out the podcast I co-host with Virginia Brisley:
Sound Philosophy Podcast

Our recent episodes have been conversations over dinner with other artists, visionaries and creative types about how they experience and interact with sound in their daily lives.

The latest episode features country singer and song writer, Laura Mae Socks, and guitarist for the Pine Leaf Boys, Jon Bertrand.  

Join us as we discuss pitch, sound in live performance and hearing the world around you in waking life and in dreams.

Learn more about Laura Mae Socks at www.LauraMaeSocks.com and check out here Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1730556853/laura-mae-socks-debut-album-where-you-go

Jon can be seen playing all over the world with the Pine Leaf Boys.  Their current tour dates are up at www.PineLeafBoys.com

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