The Uniqueness of Being Human: Notes on Alonzo King

By Jenelle Campion | October 26, 2010 |

Reposted from CIIS MFA blog:
By JENELLE CAMPION, student in the Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts MFA program

On Saturday, Sept. 11, Saturday Night @ CIIS launched its fall presentation series with a talk by Alonzo King, artistic director of the LINES Ballet Company. I am in my first year of the MFA in Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts program, working as a mixed media artist. In one creative inquiry class with Professor Randall Babtkis we were asked to describe our reaction to meeting Alonzo King and how that interaction influences our hopes for our MFA projects. This is what I wrote:

Notes and reflections on Alonzo King: 9/12/10

  • Remember the uniqueness of being human
  • Be interested and enthusiastic
  • Create a safe environment
  • Art is a synthesis of what is good and bad in the self
  • Beauty = Truth
  • Vulnerable = Generous
  • Love is above the Law
  • Don’t think about “self”
  • Mind is plastic and has no limitation
  • Nature = The Informant
  • Art transforms us into a finer human being
  • If you inhabit it, it will inform you

My hope for my MFA project begins with a desire to more fully integrate myself into a larger human community. I appreciated the freedom and fluidity of self that came across so easily when Alonzo talked about his work.  He seemed to exemplify the fact that being as authentic a human being as possible was a way to bridge the gap between impulse and the actualization of an idea, thereby creating a form for one’s art.

He stressed putting away the “self” and all judgments; to get out of your head and into your work. I find all of this very comforting—a reassurance to allow myself to keep playing with forms, as my impulse drives me. I want to allow that process to shape my understanding of my work as I strive to construct a vessel into which I can pour my many threads of experience and understanding and intuitive knowings.

A bit of a visual overview of The Spiritual Dynamic in Modern Art (part 2)

By Jenelle Campion | September 1, 2009 |

I was reading The Spiritual Dynamic In Modern Art by Charlene Spretnak and wanted to post some images of art she references.

Georgia O’Keefe –

“Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. IV” 1930

“Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico / Out Back of Marie’s II” 1930

Arthur Dove –

“Me and the Moon” 1937

Piet Mondrian –

“Tableau no. 2 / Composition no. V.” 1914

“Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow” 1930

Paul Klee –

“Visual Music” 1922

A bit of a visual overview of The Spiritual Dynamic in Modern Art (part 1)

By Jenelle Campion | September 1, 2009 |

I was reading The Spiritual Dynamic In Modern Art by Charlene Spretnak and wanted to post some images of art she references.


Hilma of Klint –

“What A Human Being Is” – 1910

“Altar Painting, No. 1, Group 10” – 1915

Frantisek Kupka –

“Discs of Newton” – 1912

Wassily Kandinsky –

“Composition IV” – 1911

“Composition VIII” – 1923

“Several Circles” 1926

I finish a painting.

By Jenelle Campion | August 25, 2009 |

I used to work at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Porcupine, SD on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

It was really good to paint because I had to spend time walking around OLL in my head. I had a picture to work from, but focusing on it just brought me right back there.

Its amazing how many vivid sensory details I can recall when I try.
They bring back the more peaceful moments of my time there.
Realizing I know where each tree and bush were
….picking out details of the playground
…the feeling of the wind up by the cove.

Things that happened yesterday.

By Jenelle Campion | May 25, 2009 |

1. It was a new moon.
2. The night before I finished my Aztec Calendar painting.
3. That morning I threw my wisdom teeth in the river.
4. I finished recording and mixing my CD.
5. I finished watching season 7 of BuffyTVS.

CIIS Women’s Spirituality MA Registration!

By Jenelle Campion | May 23, 2009 |

Ok! Im all signed up.

Coolest class list ever.


By Jenelle Campion | December 10, 2008 |

You chose to come here out of love.
You chose to stay here out of love.
Love is the only choice worth remembering.
All else is leading us back to love.
So choose love and release the process.
Love is always the point.
Love is always the answer.
Love is always the way, the light and the life.
Love is life for the living.
Love is the remembrance of the dead.
Love is the eternal moment now.
Love is life ever lasting.
Love is real.
And it is waiting for you to answer its call.

I finish something

By Jenelle Campion | June 3, 2008 |

High Valley, Low Peak

First it was lighting
Then it was mountains
Then it was my brain
split in two
Next it was a heartbeat
Then it was expansion

Archetypes depictions

By Jenelle Campion | March 6, 2008 |



Wolf Spirit



By Jenelle Campion | March 5, 2008 |