December 10, 2008

You chose to come here out of love. You chose to stay here out of love. Love is the only choice worth remembering. All else is leading us back to love. So choose love and release the process. Love is always the point. Love is always the answer. Love is always the way, the light…

I finish something

June 3, 2008

High Valley, Low Peak First it was lightingThen it was mountainsThen it was my brainsplit in twoNext it was a heartbeatThen it was expansion

Archetypes depictions

March 6, 2008

RhiannonSekhmetWolf SpiritIsis


March 5, 2008

On and On and On / We’ll be together, yeah.

September 20, 2007

I finished my Trucks, NE painting the other day. Check it. And this is a little abstract I finished a while ago and just hung up.