Sound Philosophy Dinner #1

Sound Philosophy Dinner #1

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Collabo Industries presents Sound Philosophy Dinners!!!!

Today we are announcing the next evolution of our Podcast.  My partner, Virginia Brisley, and I refer to our creative collaboration practices as “Collabo Industries”.  We spent time last year recording ourselves examining how sound acts as an interactive force in our lives.  These discussions came out of a shared interest in the crossover between sound and healing and life and spiritual philosophy.   We were drawn to start hosting a virtual space for others to join in on our conversations.

This year we decided to literally invite others into our process by establishing a practice of Sound Philosophy Dinners where we invite members of our community over to talk about where sound plays a present role in their lives while sharing a home cooked meal with us and our friends on the internet.

This first episode is Virginia and I introducing ourselves and our project.  The second one will be with our friends Jenny and Harmon Dash, an artist and a radio Dj respectively and both personal trainers.

Follow my social media feeds or join my mailing list for updates on new episodes.  Their will be a new one every few weeks.  If you particularly like an episode or have a question or comment please let us know by leaving a message on the post for that episode on the podcast page of my website or you can send an email to collaboindustries (at)

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