Unapology #1 – Beginnings

Unapology #1 – Beginnings

I’m unapologetic for making declarative statements about how I intend to make use of this blog and then not following through with them. 
It’s partly because I am a hesitant writer but its also because I am not a marketing machine. I’m very human. And it’s my blog. So I am free to break my own rules as I make them.

I have learned that, for me, with blogging less is better. A lot of marketing advisors talk about consistently generating content and I think that is true if the blog is the center of your engagement with the marketplace but I think of my web presence as an extension of my more grounded reality of selling art on the streets of the French Quarter. My web presence is here to support that not supplant it. 

I’m really lucky to live in a city where I can post up against a fence, throw paint all day and make a decent portion of my living. I want this blog to catch my celebration of that. 
I am after Sartori, a sense of shamanic calm, in my daily practices.  Setting up my display has become a morning meditation.  Pulling bungee chord tight against the fence stretches my imagination to the possibilities of the day. Unrolling my bundle of raw canvas paintings and clipping them to the chords gives structure to the space available.  Then pulling each canvas out of the bag they are carried in, unwrapping the cloth protecting them from travel and feeling out where to place them helps me to set the energy for the day and affirm my desire to connect through my art work. 

When all my #BeautifulBodies as smiling back at me I’m ready to relax into the morning. I get some coffee and settle into read or write or begin work my art project for the day. At some point I make a point to photograph my set up and share it via Instagram along with photographs of anything new I had created. 

Then when I’m home and have done my closing ritual of removing my he/ art from the fence and folding it up for travel I can fill my heart with the likes and comments my Internet fairy angels have sprinkled onto my postings. I enjoy having a documentary of the evolution of this meditative market practice and being able to share it with those who enjoy my work. 

You all rock my world. 

Here is Z Franks meditation on beginnings to support you getting started with what needs to be done today:

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