Upapology #3 -Filling in the blanks

Upapology #3 -Filling in the blanks

I’ve gotten myself involved in a few artistic practices and wanted to write out my thoughts on each of them here in case anyone is curious.  

There are three projects and each has a specific hashtag I use when I post images on the internet.  

#beautifulbodies – Beautiful Bodies are “Memento Mori” (reminders of death) which teach that underneath it all we share similar infrastructure.  Each skeleton is like a little life coach offering the viewer a bit of empathic wisdom.  In my color palate black references fertility, white symbolizes eternity and red radiates life force energy.  My intention with this body of work is to honor ancestors, radiate empathy, explore a mind/body connection and to remind the viewer to embody their heart.

#portraitsofrivers – Portraits of Rivers is an offering of gratitude to the rivers of the world where I celebrate our ecological systems as an interconnected whole. This body of work expresses a fascination with journeying through a landscape as an act of self-inquiry, like going on a vision quest or pilgrimage to a sacred site.  The rivers are depicted like they are tuning forks echoing across the surface of the Earth. Responding to landscape as an artistic practice has helped me to build a deeper understanding of how I perceive the world.  

#dailymindmap – Daily mind maps are a (mostly) daily sketching practice where I take one pice of paper and an handful of sharpie makers and I put down whatever needs excavating from mind.  It’s a map in that its my way of working out where I am coming from and where I am going.  I use text and image to point a way through feelings of complexity and the static of living with the intention of building up a heart based expression of my experience.   I hope that this practice inspires others to pick up their own pens and put down what is ready to be put down to lighten their loads and clarify their vision.  

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