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Please check back soon for our fresh look!  Click here for prints and email me for questions.

Welcome to Jenelle Leigh Campion's online art gallery!

Please visit me and my art at a Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA. View my calendar and Twitter for updates.

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Commission Paintings

I would love to remake one of my paintings or create a masterpiece for your home or business.  Please submit a proposal form to get started.


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I make art to inspire the mystical senses by using creativity as a ritual practice where I cast magic to create transformational talismans.

The work of an artist is in finding her strength to speak with her own voice and to shape her unique perspective into form. As an "Art Witch" my creative practices integrate my life experience as an artist, healer, and spiritual seeker. My journey has turned art making into a devotional practice where I meditate on emotional embodiment, integration of self and prayerful expression.

It is my joy to send art out into the world. My primary series are Beautiful Bodies were I use skeletons with a heart to remind people to “be in your body and see with your heart” and Portraits of Rivers where I celebrate the embodied resonance of rivers. I am also working of Goddess Meditations, a song-writing practice and soon a collection of zines and a tarot deck.

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My Art Gallery

You can find me at Jackson Square, New Orleans from Friday to Sunday. Subject to change based on the weather.



Check out my calendar for where I am selling my art!


I love Jenelle's work. It inspires me!

Jenelle is a witch with the paint brush!

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