Jackson Square Setup

Out @ St. Peter’s.

By admin | January 3, 2020

Excited for the rush of the Halloween holiday. I’m gonna be set up as much as possible through next weekend. FQ is already full of people in costume. ☠️🧚🏽‍♀️🐍 Crow in Oak Natchez Riverboat 🚢🎡🌊 “Be In Your Body And See With Your Heart” 💀❤️

On St. Peter’s @ Royal

By admin | October 19, 2019

Inhale/Exhale Cosmic Meditation Sunset, Cosmic Meditation Sunrise Two more “Mississippi River Watershed”s Better shots of the newest in my Portraits of Rivers series:

Mystery: an in-studio recording

By admin | October 19, 2019

I made this today. It’s me and my guitar in my studio. –—> Mystery (in-studio recording (Oct 17, 2019) I wrote this song in Nov 2016 after the election. It’s a sonic ladder I use to climb back into myself whenever I’m starting to lose my sense of security. It reminds me that we have…

Office decor

By admin | October 12, 2019

Heeey Pontalba Apts. Loving the Oak tree vibes on Nola’s first chilly day. #ambiance

At Jackson Square

By admin | October 12, 2019

Back at it on St. Peter’s near Decatur. I made a new one. “Cosmic Meditation at Sunrise” #Peace. (To me these two feel like and inhale and an exhale.) And I brought out my “Rivers of the Gulf of Mexico” again to hang with my “Mississippi River Watershed”. Been a while since she’s come to…

October 05th, 2019

By admin | October 5, 2019

Update from yesterday, I had forgotten to paint in the credit for the quote on my Unicorn Tapestry which comes from The Tempest by William Shakespeare. The Unicorn Tapestry design is based on a medieval tapestry that hangs in the cloisters in New York City. Check her out 🦄🌹🌸🍀✨–—> Though, honestly, it gets recognized…

Lovely Live Oak watching over me.

By admin | October 4, 2019

Autumnal Witchery

By admin | October 4, 2019

Hey October. 🙂 🔥🧙🏽‍♀️🍻🕸🐍🌟🧚🏽‍♀️

At Jackson Square

By admin | October 4, 2019

“Be In Your Body and See With Your Heart” ​💀❤️☘️ Newest things: Space Unicorn Tapestry with Flowers Mississippi River Watershed and 3 Mermaids Bayou campfire with banjo and flute (and puppy) Campfire detail. Cause I think it came out really sweetly.

Almost studio time…

By admin | October 2, 2019

First, errands. Then, painting.