How to Succeed as an Artist

How to Succeed as an Artist

Here is a list I made based off of a “How To Fail As An Artist” blog by Alyson Stanfield (unfortunately I cannot find a link to her blogpost ☹️). This piece of paper lives on the wall of my studio as a basic guide for what could assist me to grow and manage my art buisness.

Here is a video of my reading this list and talking about it:

How to to succeed as an Artist –

  • Do your work
  • Believe in abundance
  • Be proud of your art
  • Embrace success
  • Trust in your ability to sell
  • Clear artists statement
  • Great portfolio shots
  • Update website
  • Update blog
  • Take art and buisness classes
  • Be aware of deadlines
  • Organize your studio
  • Price work affordably
  • Send in applications on time
  • Marketing
  • Network
  • Return phone calls and emails
  • Engage gallery visitors
  • Volunteer

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