Into the same old dark of nyghte song info

Into the same old dark of nyghte song info

  1. River
  2. Lady of the Water
  3. Today
  4. Seed Song
  5. Run Away
  6. The Sun and The Sea
  7. Hazel Mae
  8. Star Chant
  9. Mystery
  10. Diana Lucifera
  11. Love Joy

This is a collection of songs and chants I wrote from 2012-2023.

Change is a constant in life and this album celebrates that chaos as a joyful unfurling. One major theme is engagement with mystery and surrendering flow of life. Each song is created to re-tune my soul and call me home to myself.

All of it was recorded in my studio using garage-band, a Yeti microphone, and is done in collaboration with the ambient sounds of the French Quarter of New Orleans. Lyrics available by clicking on the individual song.

This album is dedicated to my darling cat Skit, my favorite collaborator, who is off dancing on the Milky Way.

May this music bring you expansive peace and vibrational joy.

Below are my thoughts on the poetic offering embedded in each track:


This chant is about the mystery of letting yourself, your creativity, and your life flow freely.

I created it while beginning my devotional practice of painting rivers during my MFA program. She also showed up as part of an assignment for a performance art class. My classmates sang it with me while I covered myself with red paint as an invocation of the opening my creative flow and a claiming of space for my artistic expression.

Lady of the Water

This song happens on a dark night next to a lake ‘neath a full moon.

Under the still water you can see the outline of a statuesque woman sleeping.

She does not move but can hear your prayers. Her response is perceivable through the wind on your skin and twinkles of starlight catching your eye.

Go ahead and tell her what you can tell no-one else.
Let go of what you no longer need to carry with you.

The last verse is a quote that the Lady of the Water whispered in my ear in response to my own prayer to receive to her graces.


This chant was created as a prayer to help me move from behind psychic walls which felt unchangeable and open to the possibility of finding joy despite seemingly unending turmoil.

Seed Song

This song is about the unchanging need for change.

The verses take you through the life cycle of a plant while the chorus is a chant to the soul of nature as the constantly changing mother who guides the unfurling chaos of our transformation.

Run Away

This song could be about how relationships can be tenuous and fragile, but it could also be a reflection on how quickly I can run away from my own big feelings.

It’s so easy to hide and a sweet song is so often the thing to call my tenderness out of her cave.

The Sun and The Sea

Sometimes falling in love is sneaky and confusing and sometimes it’s as clear and luscious as a sunset over a sparkling sea.

Hazel Mae

We all know someone (or are someone) who easily shines so bright but also needs constant reminder to keep her own chalice full before giving away all her priestess power.

Star Chant

A chant to connect with the spaciousness, magic, inspiration, and communion floating down to us from the blessed night sky.


I built this song to consider how we connect as a collective, ways to keep walking through difficulty, and as a map to come home to myself when I get too lost.

Diana Lucifera

My Sicilian ancestry connects me to Diana Lucifera as the ancient mother moon goddess. She is a deity of wisdom, magic, ceremony, and sacred community. Credit to my witchcraft teacher Francesca de Grandis for helping me develop my devotion.

I pray to her with this chant when I need assistance lighting the fire in my heart.

Love Joy

A simple chant with a lot of truth in it.

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