This link will take you to an article by Orion Magazine (an environmental rag) about the artist Basia Iriland.  She takes blocks of ice, carves them into books, adds local seeds and lets them melt into rivers.

This dialogue raises awareness about the need to develop relationship with our local water systems and plant life to create a sustainable ecosystem where we all can thrive.

I find her work to be ethereal, sublime and necessary.

A video:

Books of Ice, by Basia Irland from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

A quote:

Let us, all of us, do the work of seeds—learning again how to bend toward the light, how to put down roots, how to live as a member of a community of living things. Let us do the work of books, imagining into existence new, better ways to live, seeking always what is lasting and beautiful. Let us do the work of rivers, gathering the Earth’s wisdom and carrying it like sunlight into the future. Let the power of our conviction and the new corrosiveness of our sorrow carve hard truths in the rocks.”

(Thanks to Kris Brandenbruger for the link)

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