Earth day – Investing in herself

Earth day – Investing in herself

Here is a devotional video my partner and I made for Earth Day 2020.  It still makes me smile and I wanted to share it again for 2021.

A poetic prophesy for Earth Day 2020 ~~

Tell us a story
Tell us a story
Tell us a story

There is a day when earth decides,

she will say,

“Today. I choose me.”
The earth will see what she wants to see
knowing exactly how to make it come together.

On that day –

Volcanoes flow with love.
Rivers swell with pride.
Plants stand taller.
Winds howl with ferocity.
The birds gossip that, “Earth is sick of this sh!t
She aint here for it anymore,”
they’ll say.
While the birds chitter and chitter they do
They’ll also know its about time,
“She’s been needing this for a while
– surprised she didn’t snap sooner.”
Deep in the trenches
Sonic messages ripple across sea creatures,
Ocean floor vibrations spiral to the water’s surface. Eventually all her friends will know
She’s facing forward to the sun
She’s letting go shame and fear
She’s gathering all her strength
She’s spinning calmly to the future.

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