Setting up in the FQ (Rain clouds build but I only see the sunshine)

Setting up in the FQ (Rain clouds build but I only see the sunshine)

I went down to the french quarter at 7am to set up my spot for the day.  Well not set up, but I put up a few signs to mark what spot I am going to use and then came back home to take care of my morning.

The FQ in the morning is my favorite time.  The shadows between the buildings are still deep so the shade keeps everything cool.  The streets are damp from being pressure washed so everything feels fresh and new.  The stores are all opening their doors and greeting the day.  Locals wander by looking either cheerful and awake or bedraggled and wishing they were in bed.  Everyone has a cup of coffee except the runners who are bounding their way across town.

Its a lovely time to see the place.  Once the sun gets high all the water burns off the street and the dust starts kicking up.  The shade vanishes and the blazing sun-rays become oppressive and aggressive.  (At least to me who is a major indoor kid).

And then the streams of tourists start to flow and the whole place is a whirl of chaos, merriment and hand grandees (a bright green drink that everyone seems to be carrying around)  Its a bustle and a hustle…and a great place to work.  🙂

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