South Dakota and Wyoming 2

South Dakota and Wyoming 2

Spent a night in Custer SD. They had painted bison statues, a giant wooden bison, and an abundance of rock shops.

These hills are FULL of rose quartz.

The Purple Pie Place indeed has amazing pies.

Drove through Custer State Park. The visitor center had a great arial photo of the Black Hills, a detailed bison skeleton and a stuffed mountain lion and big horned sheep.

Found the bison herd on the wildlife loop!!!

Was so excited for my first visit to Wind Cave.

We did a candlelight tour which went deep into the cave carrying LED “candles” into the unlit areas deep in the cave. It took about 2 hours and went about 250ft underground.

It was amazing and invigorating.

Camped in the Black Hills and had a lovely fire. 🔥

One more post to follow…

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