Into the same old dark of nyghte

Into the same old dark of nyghte

I just posted a new collection music.

I’ve been singing all these to myself for years and I’m finally ready let them fly free.

Album Bio:
This is a collection of songs and chats I wrote from 2012-2023.

Change is a constant in life and this album celebrates that chaos as a joyful unfurling. One major theme is engagement with mystery and surrendering to letting your self, your creativity, and your life flow freely.

Each song is created to re-tune my soul and call me home to myself. See the specific song pages for my thoughts on the offering embedded in each track.

All of it was recorded in my studio using garage-band and a Yeti microphone.

This album is dedicated to my darling cat Skit who is off dancing on the Milky Way.

May this music bring you expansive peace and vibrational joy.

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