Sound Philosophy #3: Sound Facts

Sound Philosophy #3: Sound Facts


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On this episode Virginia and Jenelle discuss a list of “Sound Facts” and talk about the intersection of science and sound.

Some of the quotes we talked about are:

1) The human ear is connected to virtually every organ in the body by means of the tenth cranial – or vagus – nerve… The vagus nerve carries 75% of all parasympathetic activity – the signals that tell our body it is ok to rest and digest.
Sylvia Nakkach & Valerie Carpenter “Free Your Voice”

2) People often come to see me with the idea that they want a singing lesson, but I’ve realized over the years that what they really want is permission to open their heart and to have their heart’s expression be heard… The mere vibration created when we sing can break up old patterns of tension, fear, and limiting belief.
– Sylvia Nakkach & Valerie Carpenter “Free Your Voice”

3) Sound waves pass right through walls and floors when their wavelengths are much longer than the walls are thick. Low, bass notes with wavelengths up to 30 feet, aren’t blocked by walls (because they pass right through uninterrupted). Sound waves are partially reflected when their wavelengths are equal to or less than the thickness of the walls (i.e. why bass carries across streets and treble does not)
-Science of Music, Exploratorium

4) Amplitude refers to the change in pressure as the sound wave passes by. If you increase the amplitude of a sound, you are making it louder, just as you do when you turn up the volume on your radio. If you decrease the amplitude, you are making the sound softer, just as when you turn down the volume. The amplitude of a wave is related to the amount of energy it carries. A high amplitude wave carries a large amount of energy; a low amplitude wave carries a small amount of energy.
-Discovery of Sound in the Sea,

5) The goal of sound healing is that every moment of our life and every action be in harmony with the universal energy field… A fundamental principle of sound healing is that physical, emotional, and mental symptoms are being generated by an underlying energy field. Thus, if we change the energy field then the physical, emotional, and mental behavior patterns will also change.
John Beaulieu, “Human Tuning”

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