My Body, My Voice, My Power: Burlesque, the Antidote

My Body, My Voice, My Power: Burlesque, the Antidote

I am quoted in the article “My Body, My Voice, My Power: Burlesque, the Antidote” by my friend Janna Zinzi…

This speaks directly to some insight given to me by artist and sound healer, Jenelle Campion, and helped me understand why I thrive when working within a group of artists:

“When a community comes together to participate in an art making process, say to create a mural or a dance ritual, they are spending time together creating focus on the issues that are most important to that group of people, be that civil rights or communion with spirit.  Not only can this produce beautiful things but it also solidifies a community’s identity and social network which can only serve to strengthen bonds between people and expand its voice in the world.”

Campion, who recently released her album, “How To Heal A Broken Heart,” says that:

“…art making facilitates us being at home with ourselves which is what I believe is a primary step towards healing and self empowerment.”

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    Amazing, I want them all, so so proud of you , just a shinning star you are in this crazy world . Keep shinning you have so much to offer us all. Love Me

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