Mystery: an in-studio recording

Mystery: an in-studio recording

I made this today. It’s me and my guitar in my studio. –—> Mystery (in-studio recording (Oct 17, 2019)
I wrote this song in Nov 2016 after the election. It’s a sonic ladder I use to climb back into myself whenever I’m starting to lose my sense of security. It reminds me that we have power when we come together, even if I can’t see it in the moment.

I was feeling it today and decided to record myself singing it while playing my guitar. It’s not meant to be a highly polished track, I consider this more of a field recording of an artist in the wild of her studio.

(The ambient background noise is the sounds of people walking along Bourbon St).

The painting is one of mine which I call “Prayerful”

Enjoy 🙂

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