Sharing time: Jackson Sq so far

Sharing time: Jackson Sq so far

Its been about 4 months since I moved my art/life up to Jackson Square.  Adjusting to new rhythms and routines has been good and given me a lot of clarity how well my business plans I developed in the last year are working for me.  Its also challenged me to strengthen the foundation of my work and reaffirm my commitment to it.

The larger crowd flow that circles through the square brings more exposure and sends my work further into the world.  I love witnessing how deeply my art and creative vision connect with passers by.  Witnessing my creating bringing joy to peoples faces is a daily pleasure which helps to buffer the strain of early morning set up times and the drain of long days in the NOLA heat (which has already begun beading sweat on my skin from dawn till dusk.)
Im learning so much about balancing being a street vendor, a creative artist and a business person from the other artists who set up on the fence.  Generally people are kind, generous, open to sharing their experience and curious about my journey.  Every day people have new creations and plans and I get as excited about my co-workers triumphs and trials as I do my own.
As I walk deeper into the hot season Im looking forward to –
– screen printing some of my designs through the NOLA community print shop
– starting a 30 day daily practice of painting the blooming local flowers to celebrate the spring
– bigger canvas sizes for Beautiful Bodies designs
– taking time to contemplate the upcoming bends in my creative river

– committing to more frequent blogging about maintaining art and healing practices

Enjoy some of my favorite recent shots from my Instagram feed:

Instagram: @JenelleLeighC
Instagram: @JenelleLeighC
Instagram: @JenelleLeighC

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