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How To Heal A Broken Heart is a manifesto of love.

Released September 8, 2012

Included in this psycho-acoustic mix are songs, chants and drones layered with healing metaphors and vibrations.

This album was inspired by my year long journey through the Sound, Voice and Music Healing Certification at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Teachers from healing traditions all over the world taught how sound can be used to ground energy and cleanse our spirit. During that time I learned how to experience the kind of wild nurturing love that the human voice can radiate.

After the certification program was over I went through a period of retreat as I integrated the deep realignment my spiritual spine had gone through. Emerging into myself again I found I had a collection of songs written that echoed the archetypal shape of a shamanic journey through the dark night of the soul and back again into the light.

I was fortunate to be able to gather loving friends around me in Brooklyn during the recording of these songs. Each one added their own light to the project and the final product is a sonic circle of love.

I offer these songs back into the world as a way to share the wisdom and healing that was gifted to me.

This album is dedicated to the freedom of all voices.

-Jenelle Leigh Campion 2013

Recorded January 2011. Released September 2012. All tracks are written by Jenelle Leigh Campion except Dink’s Song which is traditional and Dance Of One which was written by Lauren Belski. Album produced by Brian Russ with generous assistance from Backwords ( at Campers’ Rule Records in Brooklyn, NY ( Thanks to Lauren Belski, Tim Pioppo, John Sheldon, Kate Belski, Will Pollard, Lauren Eschwie, Lynsey Griswold, Christine Rath Selhi, Aletha McGee, Laura Mae Socks, Virginia Brisley, my teachers, my family and all healers, witches and fairies.


This album is available for download for “pay what you will” through Bandcamp.

Tape copies are available for $9 through Campers’ Rules Records from Brooklyn, NY.

A digital download is included with each tape.

With an acoustic guitar.
On a rainy day.
About 4 years after the original album.
To share the sound of these songs in this moment.

Tracks 1-13 Written and preformed by Jenelle Leigh Campion. Recorded 11/7/2016 in New Orleans, LA, USA.

Track 14 Written by Jenelle Leigh Campion and Virginia Brisley. Reading by Virginia. Guitar music by Jenelle. Recorded 12/31/2016 (also a rainy day) in New Orleans, LA, USA.

Released January 1, 2017

Thanks to time, growth, love and practice.


This album is available for download for “pay what you will” through Bandcamp. ​

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all my family and friends.

I felt inspired to record a few caroling songs as a way to send some winter merriment to those I love and miss dearly.

The songs are free to download.
These are handmade recordings done in my art studio playing a ukelele. They may not have crystal clear audio quality, but they do catch the joy in my heart and my love of this time of year.

First is Up On The Housetop cause its just a delight.

Then is Good King Wenceslas which is a song I have a special place for in my heart as my mother-line goes back to the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic which is where Saint Wenceslas is also from. Also I found a cute version of this song done by The Beatles which became the musical influence for my recording.

Finally, Auld Lang Syne because it felt like a fitting way to share a cup of kindness with y’all as we head into the new year.

Wishing everyone a warm and merry winter season, yuletide, and christmas holiday.

Album Art: Keith Campion

Released December 24, 2020



This album is available for download for “pay what you will” through Bandcamp. ​

Album Cover:  Quilt by Backwords

2010 – I hand stitched album artwork for the album Quilt by Backwords from Brooklyn, NY.